Live Polls

As you are watching your favorite TV show, questions pop up on your phone. As you answer, you can instantly compare your opinion with the other viewers.


Live Chat

Chat about what is happening during the show with other viewers. You will be amused by their humorous comments or surprising opinions!


Live Emotions

Share your emotions live as the TV show goes on! Find out if you are the only one to be angry, moved or happy about what just happened.

Second Screen

The Voice on Ekho, 2017

Our app's features

A complete second-screen experience

In Ekho, you select a current live event and you can start interacting with the viewers and the TV host instantenously.

  • Chat with users
  • Live Notifications
  • Add Friends
  • Rate players, actors
  • Share emotions live
  • Earn badges

Ekho Polls

Have a look

This widget shows results of polls that were casted during the Euro 2016 cup. 15 000 football fans answered in a few minutes, in order to give their opinion about an offside, the man of the match or performance of the referee!

The poll results were aired live on the TV by the RTBF.

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What Our Users Says

We have always been listening to our users' feedback in order to improve our app. We are very grateful to those that wanted to share their opinion here.

"Ekho is the easiest way to connect with other viewers of the same show. Very funny and interactive. It is a new way to watch TV, I felt part of the show!"

Julien D.

Crazy about football


"I use Ekho during The Voice Belgium. The emotions I shared were on the screen seconds later. Very impressive."

Marie V.

Loves singing and dancing


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A picture is sometimes better than a thousand words.

Who's Behind This

Ekho is a startup based in Brussels, Belgium. The team was passionate about listening to the voice of the million of TV specatators accross the world.

Francois Verbeeren

Francois Verbeeren

Cofounder / Business

Francois is passionate about politics, football and startups. He made a real effort to combine these interests in order to give people the chance to share their opinion during live events.

Patrick De Caluwe

Patrick De Caluwé

Cofounder / Tech

Patrick is an enthusiastic software engineer who is very creative and loves to create new things using the latest technology. He is the driving force behind creating the Ekho project.

Thomas Boogaerts

Thomas Boogaerts

Freelance Developer

Thomas is a fantastic mobile developer who works very quickly and is very careful about writing clean code. A must have in every team willing to develop mobile apps!

Ekho in the press.

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